Thursday, May 22, 2008

Magnetism Part II

To continue the journey of magnets and art I've branched out to include clothes pins, glass beads or marbles and wood with decoupage.

I've put in several pictures of things I've been working on lately and also a shot of what materials and
tools I've been working with.  To work with children and these materials, I 
highly suggest skipping the xacto knife all together and punching images out of paper with the really cool paper punches they have out now.  

Another way to work with kids and the glass beads is to paper punch circles of cool paper, have the kids add a sticker to the paper, glue the paper and sticker to the underside of the glass bead and then glue the magnet to the back.  The glass beads are definitely a choking hazard so this is probably an age 8 and up thing.  (Well, really, any kid that reaches an age where threats work to keep things out of their mouth.)

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