Sunday, October 5, 2008

Special Olympics Scarves

Do you want to volunteer for the Special Olympics?  Can you knit or crochet?  Well, I have a project for you!  The organizers are looking for 5000 scarves to give each of the athletes.  So far, they have over 1000 and need quite a few before the games start in February.  If you're interested, click the link embedded in the title of this blog entry!  Scarves are due by January 15, 2009.

How Martha is Getting Me into Trouble This Week

I saw an episode of Martha Stewart a few weeks ago where they did a simple embroidery with felt.  I'm hooked.  Just one more way for me to put stuff on my eco-smart canvas shopping totes.  I made one for myself for the zoo.  It's unbelievably easy and incredibly addictive.    Anyway, this is what has been keeping me from posting lately!