Sunday, May 25, 2008


I took our youngest shopping with me today (the oldest gave me a big thumbs down and watched cartoons with his dad all afternoon.) The store was busy and it took a long time to get somebody to check us out in one department. (I would have left but the lady seemed kind of desperate to keep me there and I was amused that my child was bothering other people and that the store knew it was their fault.) After 5 patient minutes of waiting, the little one started to REALLY meltdown. I tried to find a new toy but had nothing new for him. I did, however, have change in my purse and a prescription bottle. I emptied the contents of the bottle into my purse and put a quarter inside the bottle and then handed it to the screaming 1 year old. I now see the error in my ways. He never got the bottle open but he spent 15 DEDICATED (and very quiet) minutes trying and people walked by, gasped and pointed. I'm not sure how many times I can win worst mother award in a row. Next time, I'll put a cookie in the bottle and then open it for him so that all of those gasping and pointing, holier than me people can be more horrified when he eats the cookie. I wonder where I can find some hazmat stickers and lab, specimen collection jars to use as his snack can?

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