Friday, July 18, 2008

A Weighty Subject

So, I have been trying to lose the weight I gained from the last baby, who is almost 15 months old.  When I hit the 12 month mark I realized I needed help because it just was not happening.  I enlisted the support of a health coach.  The health coach help me set the initial goals, one of which was food logging.  This is, essentially, how I lost the weight from the first baby.  Food logging is a great tool and to be more successful my coach advised me to carry a food journal with me in my purse.

Then, I discovered a number of other useful things for the food log.

While at lunch by myself, I doodled ideas for a new logo for my gear, in my food log.
I then saved my fortune cookie fortune and later taped it into my food log.
I jotted down some things I needed to remember for work, in my food log.
I clipped out some magazine pictures with gift ideas for the kids and put them in my food log.
Writing down blog ideas took up another page, in my food log.
Price comparisons are really going to help me shop and I'll keep them in my food log!
Pictures of inspirations travel destinations will help inspire me, in my food log.
Funny things the kids say have been written in my food log.
Interesting findings about my car's fuel consumption are a good entry for my food log.

As you can see, this food log has been enormously helpful keeping me organized.  If I had different logs for each item, say one for gift ideas, one for car mileage, one for reminders and one for fortune cookies, my bag would be full of little notebooks.  Instead, one log is fantastic for all of my needs in one place.  I'm even going to start tracking my goofy expenditures that I don't need to make like mocha purchases.

I noticed I haven't logged any of my nutrition notes in my food log yet.  My coach isn't going to like this.  But honestly, why lie?  I'm not losing weight not because of my food log failings but because I like cookies.

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